March 2005 / Vol.1 Issue 3 
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Relieve Hot Flashes, Night Sweats and Mood Swings…Naturally
by Dr. Loretta Lanphier, ND, CN, HHP

According to statistics, hot flashes occur in 40 - 90% of women during transition into menopause and up to 85% of women after menopause. Other typical complaints related to hot flashes include anxiety, nausea, feelings of suffocation and inability to concentrate. Synonyms for the term hot flash include 'hot flushes', 'vasomotor symptoms' and 'night sweats'.

Below are steps that you can take to minimize or eliminate your hot flashes and night sweats:

Use a chemical-free, non-toxic natural progesterone cream. Most women are estrogen dominant. Progesterone is the balancer of hormones and most women find that using natural progesterone reduces or eliminates hot flashes while helping to improve mood.

Eliminate animal fats (high in phosphorous, which leaches calcium from your body) & saturated fat in your diet. Use olive oil, unrefined coconut oil, hemp seed oil and flax seed oil. Include 2-3 tablespoons of unrefined coconut oil in your diet everyday.

Eat foods that are high in omega 3,6,9 and in the correct ratios. Each day that you include coconut oil; raw, organic nuts (almonds and walnuts); ground flaxseed; and cold-water fish you will be giving your body the essential fatty acids that it needs.

Juice a glass of fresh, organic vegetable juice every day. Your body will benefit from the live enzymes and nutrients. This is definitely a case where more is better, so go ahead and have two glasses every day!

The most potent type of dietary phytoestrogens are found only in legumes such as lentils, chickpeas, & beans. Try to include 3-4 servings weekly.

Go easy on soy products as the jury is out as to how they really affect hormones. Fermented soy is fine to include in your diet 3-4 times weekly.

Reduce intake of regular tea, stimulants, hot beverages, and spicy foods. Two cups of organic, herbal tea every day is recommended. Chamomile tea is good for calming the emotions.

Eat meat and dairy that are free-range and organic. Grocery store meat and dairy is full of added hormones.

Keep your intestinal system and liver clean by performing a liver/gallbladder/digestive tract cleanse two times yearly – Spring and Fall. You will notice that your emotional health will soar when keeping the liver clean, not to mention your overall health.

Try to eat your evening meal by 6:00 p.m. Digestion is heat producing & you should try to decrease body heat production at night.

Reduce or eliminate night-time alcohol intake, not only will you sleep better – it avoids reducing blood estrogen levels later.

Eliminate sugar, white flour, dairy, artificial sweeteners and hydrogenated oils from your diet. Add fresh, organic fruits (eat the whole fruit) and vegetables. Include two medium-sized salads each day with as many organic, fresh vegetables as possible.

When feeling hot, drink a glass of pure, clean ice water.

Get on a good daily organic multi-vitamin/mineral supplement. 

To help your blood sugar to remain stage during the night, eat an apple or pear before bed. This will help you to remain asleep for 8 hours. Also take a good calcium/magnesium supplement before bed.

Purchase cotton clothing (loose) & sleep-ware, not nylon or synthetic - which has a tendency to hold onto heat. Cotton clothing is also better for your skin.

Spend 20-30 minutes in the sun each day for Vitamin D production.

To help eliminate depression, stress, and mood swings, exercise at least 30 minutes each day. This will keep your cardiovascular system in tune. A daily walk outside will help to cleanse your mind from the cares of the day.

A good supplement for depression and mood swings is natural Lithium Orotate.

Relax in a hot bath at least three times weekly. Add some favorite essential oils to the bath such as rose or lavender. Listen to some relaxing music and make sure that you are not disturbed.

Practice lymphatic drainage techniques. A clogged lymph system keeps toxins from being eliminated properly. Skin brushing and/or bouncing on a mini-tramp are excellent ways to keep the lymph system moving.

Practice daily meditation. Listen to music, read scripture or an inspirational book, or sit with eyes closed and calm your mind.

Stop smoking, as nicotine decreases circulating estrogen levels.

Work on reducing/eliminating stress in your life. Hot flashes seem to be associated with a heightened sympathetic nervous system. Learn to relax!

Remember to enjoy life! Live, love, learn, laugh and sing praises. Watch funny movies at least two times each week. Don’t take life too seriously.

Plan activities that you will enjoy. Go shopping, out with friends, drive through the country, walk on the beach or curl up with a good book. It’s really ok to think of yourself once-in-a-while! You will find that your mood will be enhanced.

Get plenty of sleep. Keep the bedroom cool and dark. Make sure that the alarm clock is turned away from where you can see it. A pure silk pillowcase will keep your head cool. Keep a fan going to circulate the air. Make a point to be in bed by 10:00 p.m. every night. Your body does the most healing between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m.

Keep a diary in your purse to write down what seems to trigger hot flashes in your body.

Most of all maintain a positive attitude. No one ever died from a hot flash, but thousands have died from the effects of synthetic hormone replacement therapy. Attitude is everything—remember to work on it every single day.

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