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Natural Hormone Balance Part 1
by John Russel

Women’s health issues nowadays include some popular buzz words—PMS, estrogen, cancer, hot flashes, natural progesterone, acne, headaches, menopause, and so on. The words are causing great debate amongst the medical industry.

International Health Distribution, founders of, strongly advocates that the number one key to achieving and maintaining your health—no matter what your age—is Natural Hormone Balance.

All-natural progesterones have recently been highlighted in the press as the solution of choice for menopausal afflictions. Dr. John Lee wrote the landmark book on the subject titled “Natural Progesterone, The multiple Roles Of A Remarkable Hormone.” He found progesterone to be a major hormone that is regularly produced throughout a woman’s menstrual cycle in more abundance than estrogen. His findings confirmed that progesterone is the principle hormone in women. Conversely, the existing medical education system for day-to-day practice is not in sync with progesterone as a health aid for women.

Dr. Lee was an industry leader dedicated to crusading the medical establishment's dangerous and longtime use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) years before the true risks of HRT became evident in the Women's Health Initiative. Sadly, 74-year-old Dr. Lee suffered a fatal heart attack on October 17, 2003.

The therapeutic modality in practice today is the use of prescribed synthetic hormones. The great debate continues between the use of synthetic estrogen vs. natural progesterone for the relief of symptomatic menopausal ailments and general well being. Transdermal (rubbed into skin) progesterone creams can be purchased over the counter, while synthetic hormones can only be obtained with a prescription from a licensed physician.

Pharmaceutical lobbyists, the AMA (American Medical Association), and the entire medical/pharmaceutical complex stand firmly behind the use of typical HRT. Several recent studies (published in the Detroit News) indicate that millions of women could be supported with only the replacement of a natural hormone—but they’re being denied due to the continuing pressures of old-school pharmaceutical companies and physicians.

Consider the study conducted by Dr. Susan Hendricks, who found that long-term use of estrogen and progestin significantly increased the chances of cancer, stroke and heart attack. Estrogen and progestins have been used to replace hormones that are no longer produced during menopause. The lack of these natural hormones triggers the common menopausal side effects such as hot flashes, mood swings, and insomnia. Dr. Hendricks’ study included 16,608 women between the ages of 50 and 79, at 40 hospitals nationwide.

Hendricks’ case study results of long-term use of estrogen and progestin: stroke risk rose 41%, heart attack risk rose 29%, and cancer cases increased 26% above average.

Premarin , which is the most common HRT being prescribed today for menopausal women, is a unique blend of horse hormones, which include only minute amounts of progesterone. While prevalent thinking was the “horse juice” prevented osteoporosis, recent studies indicate that it is likely the small amount of progesterone that is actually beneficial. Despite recent studies, there is still no endorsement of transdermal progesterone by the medical community at large. However, there is an increasing use of progesterone creams by women outside the medical establishment due to heightened publicity.

Since Dr. Lee’s book hit the shelves more medical professionals have been conducting rigorous studies and are now claiming that it is impossible to deny the viability of natural progesterone creams.

Much debate exists over the words progesterone, progestins, and natural progesterone. International Health Distribution defines these terms in an effort to clarify any misconceptions … but you’ll have to stay tuned for Part II of Natural Hormone Balance.

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