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Notable Hormone Replacement Therapy Quotes
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A large, multi-center heart disease prevention study, part of the Women's Health Initiative (WHI), found that estrogen-alone hormone therapy had no effect on coronary heart disease risk but increased the risk of stroke for postmenopausal women. The study also found that estrogen-alone therapy significantly increased the risk of deep vein thrombosis, had no significant effect on the risk of breast or colorectal cancer, and reduced the risk of hip and other fractures.

" How did it come to be that one of the most commonly prescribed hormone replacement therapy drugs in the country was used for decades in so many millions of women before its long-term effects were ever studied systematically? This is an example of a big gap in U.S. health care and science policy regarding prescription drugs. If you are a company and can demonstrate that your drug works well for some short-term outcome, in this case it was the hot flashes of the menopause, that drug can then come to be used in a very widespread way for indications that really have nothing to do with the basis on which it was originally approved.”
-Dr. Jerry Avorn, associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School

“ We have long sought the answer to the question: Does postmenopausal hormone therapy prevent heart disease and, if it does, what are the risks? The bottom-line answer from the Women’s Health Initiative is that this combined form of hormone therapy is unlikely to benefit the heart.”
-Dr. Claude Lenfant, Director of the Heart, Lung and Blood Institute

“ The whole purpose of healthy women taking long-term estrogen/progestin therapy is to preserve health and prevent disease. The results of this study provide strong evidence that the opposite is happening for important aspects of women’s health, even if the absolute risk is low.”
-Dr. Fletcher & Dr. Graham, Harvard Medical School

“ The study provides an important answer for generations of health postmenopausal women to come: do not use estrogen/progestin to prevent chronic disease.”
-Dr. Fletcher & Dr. Graham, Harvard Medical School

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